1. API
  2. snapshot


A snapshot takes a proxy and returns a immutable object, unwrapped from the proxy.

Immutability is achieved by deeply freezing the object. In sequential snapshot calls, when the values in the proxy have not changed, a pointer to the same object is returned. This allows for shallow comparison in render functions, preventing spurious renders. Snapshots also throw promises, making them work with React Suspense.

import { proxy, snapshot } from 'valtio'

const store = proxy({ name: 'Mika' })
const unwrappedStore = snapshot(store) // unwrapped store is the original object, unproxied
const anotherUnwrappedStore = snapshot(store)
console.log(unwrappedStore === anotherUnwrappedStore) // true
store.name = 'Hanna'
const yetAnotherUnwrappedStore = snapshot(store)
console.log(unwrappedStore === yetAnotherUnwrappedStore) // false

Vanilla javascript

In VanillaJS, snapshot is not necessary to access proxied object values, inside or outside of subscribe. However, it is useful, for example, to keep a serializable list of unproxied objects or check if objects have changed. It also resolves promises.

If you are using valtio outside without React, import proxy and snapshot from 'valtio/vanilla'.